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Monday, 9 October 2017


She screamed to her loudest that early morning, she had no clue about what just happened with her, what she did that caused her this, what she ate, what she drank? Was that any kind of injury or something related to maturity? Without any knowledge she ran to her mother crying, 'mom, there's something wrong with me, it's so scary and uncomfortable, what should I do?' 'There's a bloodline in my panty and I don't know where it came from. Help me Mom!' She cried without any chance. Her mom told her about the mensuration that every 'woman' faces every month and it's in the nature of their life. She became a woman from a girl in just one night. That thing wasn't able to digest and the uncomfortable feeling of pad or tampon made her lose her temper. That harsh pain in her stomach lead her to drugs and all the techniques that can cause relief to her.
Her life just changed in a single night, it seemed that she could not walk properly and every other person is noticing her and they know about her 'period'. They know that she's mature and she's not a child anymore. Isn't it awkward that how a girl becomes mature in just a single drop of blood? How her maturity is judged and how her life changes in those seven days! It isn't easy to be a woman. It isn't easy to breath when you know you have to be careful on each and every step that you take noticing that there's no blood stain at the back of your jeans or under your kurta. It isn't easy to tolerate the pain whole day long just to know that you're mature and you have to take all this in your veins. Women's are born with this and have to die with this. And you think there's nothing a woman can do ? There's a lot more she can, more than your abuses and domestic violence and your standards!
Pads are not of shame but of pride.

#just a thing of feminism. 

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