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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Summing up.

Not raising the issue, just making a clear difference of appreciation and honour!
ARTS, the subject most people think is just for failures. Just for the ones who didn't and can't score good in their studies. Or maybe, for the 'girls' who'll pursue the degree of 'home making ' or home science ' and be good 'housewives'. Wow!
I really pity on those science and commerce students, who made up their mind to be a doctor, engineer, CA and still think this small. Well, not arguing but ARTS, is really for those people who want to create new things, new career for their lives and not settle down for 50,000 per month. Maybe less or maybe more, but whatever they'll be, they'll be happy to follow their dreams and not just run behind the placement sessions and the coaching life. Also, people who think Arts is just for the dumbest ones, we are offered thousands of different lines in our life and it's all up to us to choose our LIFE! Not depending on others but on our own selves, to measure and make our future. Yes, I wrote we, I am also a part of the ARTS team who enjoy and achieve. And I am not suppressed at all by all the humans who try to bend my head down just because I took Arts as my career  option ? Not at all. I feel the proud in my strength to fight with my family and choose the stream I liked 5 years back. And yes, they are proud of me now. As they see all the scienc and commerce bees stressing up. I have my life and future clear with my goals and I know, I made my life better, maybe or maybe not in my annual income (more too) but a lot in happiness and satisfaction.
I took Arts and I am sure I'm going to get far better income and happiness is free. :)