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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Reality's fantasy!

Running and running till the death from the past she lost herself in the middle of the path. How cruel the world is, pushed her in the dark when she wanted to be in the centre of the light and pulled her from the light when she wanted to be alone.
She survived and sacrificed from the societal influence and mananged to sip coffee but as soon as she finished it, her face went blue and she once again saw 'him'. Him? Who?
He who made her beg for him, he who forced her to live in pain even after he left, he who crucified her while alive.
The same height, same hair, same kind of clothes and the style. She judged him from top to bottom, saw him continusly and wondered if he was someone else or him. She felt a kind of nervous breakdown even after realising he is not the one, just another person with the same physic. The truth lies behind the fact that she, after so many months, still search him in every other guy. And still wonders if he shows up what will she do, after facing these replica's of him what will she say if he shows up, will she breath or once again will live the moment ?

Ps: People like you inspire me @vibhasingh. :')