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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Last Word.

"Sometimes you have to leave a person to know him more."
Last night I was going through my Instagram account and my eyes stucked on one of the pictures by Word Porn. I read it again and again and again to find the answer but I couldn't.
"You know some things are left to be answered by themselves." One of my friends said.
But still my heart was not ready to accept the sympathy, and my mind was knocking continusly to know the answer. What if he never comes back? What if he never loved me? What if he is fond of other girls more than me? And what if I was never a part of his heart? These question continusly pushed me in a great depression from which I was not able to escape.
I got to find the one who speaks the thing I want to hear. The thing I was not ready to accept. The truth. My world was revolving around that one thing, that one post, that one elephant who was chilling in my life like one of those demons ready for a high five.
Today morning I asked my mate about that serious blunder. And she said " if he doesn't come back, he is not the one."
I didn't find my answer in her words but I believed what everyone said.
And yet again in the dusk, my name didn't show up.
Yet again in the game of love I lost for the 1000th time from the same person. Yet again he won, because I loved and he, he doubted.
(But something inside me knows he is the one)

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