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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Love remains.

I listened and watched her as she explained her worst dream to me that came true. Tears rolled down her eyes as she said, "never settle with the thought that they will be your future", bullets runned down my veins and my heart skipped a beat after hearing this. Something like a heavy rain fell down that night, from my brain to heart to body. Clouds bursted as they want to speak, speak that don't allow them to snatch your love and run. She continued her injury and my veins were getting stronger after each sentence by her. My thoughts got bigger and touched the sky.
" He cheated me and took my love away with him".
"So how long it took you to make it through your new life? "
"Forever." She continued. "It took me every mili second, every minute and every miserable hour to get over him but still I am standing on the same path."
That monsoon night, I decided to love my love but not to believe that he is going to make till my future. I decided to give my all but never to trust. That night, the beauty shrouded herself with thunder and love punched harder.
"We can't imagine where time will take us. It just test your future, your settlement, your career and if it spins it will pinch you hard and the reality will fall in front of your vision. And you will try hard to run from it but it will follow you till your death and makes you regret every little thing you did to keep everything safe."
"Than what about the man who is presently in your life?"
"He's my escape."
And the bullet marks remains.

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