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Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Known Stranger.

I accidentally met with a lesson today. It didn't teach me what to do, where should I go with my life or how to end with it. It taught me something that's a must in this millennium. It said don't be too stupid to trust anyone. Don't be in darkness and hold anyone's hand. That one can steal you from yourself. I never knew something like this will happen. I never knew my day will end on a serious note and a rhetorical question. That after knowing people so well, after all the lost years, what I have learnt? Everytime a new side becomes known. Everytime a stranger shows up an unexpected identity.
"Some things got to be real." My heart said.
"But those things are known yet strange to see". My mind said.
And the battle started.
Time shows true faces. Well it also shows true hearts and feelings. Everything ends and at last you meet with a new person whom you know so well. You meet with a " Known Stranger."

PS: God knows I will be saving my trust for Him.

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