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Friday, 21 October 2016


I always remember the time when we used to look at each other and our shyness kissed. The time when he secretly admired me and I knew he was doing so but always be silent. The precious feeling of Nostalgia strongly hit me up everytime I stared at Our pictures for hours without even blinking the eyelids because that would form darkness and I didn't want to miss a single thought picturized. Together the times spent and the moments felt, oh god how can them be so special and speechless, so worthy and lunatic. I cannot confess this to him, things are not same anymore but they are in our hearts obviously. The hurt hits and love cracks but never fades. He gave the most sensitive gesture and I never replied, maybe shyness was surrounding me too much but I wanted to. I even want it right now but things, they aren't any same anymore. The much he wanted to love me the more I wanted to love him. The less he wanted to leave the lesser I wanted to separate. Together by heart and by actions still but hurt separated us. Pictures flashes back, memories flashes back, so do my mistakes, so do my Lies, and his broken face. Fear of losing and hope to see him soon will always be honey to me. Time flies and hardships too.
PS I Love You.

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